Semi-finished non ferrous metals and alloys products

Tubino Metalli: company profile

The company was founded in 1929 with the idea of two brothers, Arturo and Adriano Tubino to deal in semi-finished copper and copper alloys. Since then, thanks to the efforts and energies of all, has expanded its range of products treated and has come to be conducted by the third generation. The availability to the customers, the flexibility and the care for a quick delivery, the excellent trading reached meant that we held a good market share and we conquered an higher targeted. In step with the times and the new requirements in April 2000 obtained ISO 9001 which is still in possession with the latest ISO 9001:2008.

In the web site you can find the types of products of our range in italian tables and their comparisons with the international alloy composition.

The staff is always at your disposal for any request for that which is within the parameters of the standard measure reported.

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