Copper-nickel pipes and fittings

Coppernickel pipes 90/10 ASTM B111 Alloy C706

One of the decisive factor in our metals and alloys semi-finished products range is the availability of large stocks of copper-nickel tubes in 90/10:

  • exchangers in standard diameters from 7×0, 5 to 25×1, 5
  • pipe line in standard diameters from 30×1,5 to 457×5, 5

For the heat exchanger tubes we may supply special diameters in small quantities at request.

ASTM B111 Alloy C715

We have at stock also the copper-nickel pipes 70/30 diameters mm 16×1,5 and mm. 19,05×1,65 ASTM B111 Alloy C715.

Copper-nickel fittings ASTM B466

We have from stock a large stock of welding fittings from diameters mm 20 to diam mm 457:

  • elbows 90° R=1,5 d and R=1 d
  • “T” fittings
  • concentric reductions
  • collars
  • sleeves
  • hubs and threaded gas logs

For all tubes from 20 mm. diameter to mm. 457 we provide collars made out from pipes PN 6.

For all information regarding pipes measures, type and sizes of fittings, please see Le Bronze Industriel products catalogue